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Education is the key to the future, for your students and you!

Programs Offered

Tutoring  /  Standardized Test Preparation  /  High School Credit Courses  /  Educational Planning Packages  /  School Application Service

Tutoring Center

Students of all ages and grades will be able to receive high quality tutoring and educational guidance from your Inspiration Learning Center. This is a great starter option for owners who are looking for a fulfilling and easy-to-run business that contributes to their local community.

Private School Campus

Open your own private high school so teenagers can earn credits toward their high school diploma in small classes with more teacher attention. Our team at Inspiration will help you obtain approval for your school from the Ontario Ministry of Education so that you can directly help your students on their educational path.

Standardized Test Preparation

Help students pass specialized tests and exams for entry into private schools and universities. SSAT; SAT; IELTS; CAT; Exam Preparation Package; Math Competitions; IB; AP; etc.

School Application Service

Help students get into the schools and programs they want! We help simplify the application process for private schools, universities, and colleges by offering students guidance on preparing their application package, as well as training on how to write personal essays and ace interviews. 

Educational Planning Packages

Want to offer more than just classes? We have a unique educational package that covers both academic and extracurricular planning to help students on their path to success. Work with students and their families to create a plan to help them select the right schools and programs, enroll in leadership camps and volunteering opportunities, and find the the path that will enable them to reach their dreams.

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